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Information / tips on image processing

The antique map and print downloads in this section of my website are all direct scans taken from items I have held as stock. Generally they are of 500dpi (dots per inch) resolution, which is very detailed and adequate for giclee printing. All the images are supplied as .JPG files with zero compression.

Please note that as these are scans of antiques the originals are usually not perfect, some do show small amounts of soiling or stains. I remove or clean up the more major faults, but there can be other smaller faults visible in my downloads. This is to be expected with such images and is part of their character, those proficient with an image editor will be able to clean up the images further if needed.

1. Backup
Once downloaded I strongly suggest the image is first copied and stored as a backup in case of errors in subsequent processing!

2. Saving the image
The stock images are supplied as .JPG files with no compression. After any alterations or changes are made it is best to use a 'lossless' image format to save the altered file. Such as .TIFF or .JPG with maximum quality (i.e. no compression if possible.)

3. Sharpness
Each map or print has a full resolution preview detail. It can be seen that the image is sometimes slightly blurred, this is because of the high resolution, near the optical limit of my scanner. Once downloaded the large image can be sharpened slightly as below and then re-saved -

sample digital image To the left is a portion of a map as supplied. NOTE - This example is more blurred than is normal.
sample sharped image This is the same image with a low level of sharpening
sharpened digital image This is the same image with a higher level of sharpening

4. Re-sizing
If the image is to be re-sized to a smaller size it can sometimes help produce a clearer image to apply a blur first, perform the re-size, and then apply a sharpen.

5. Colours
Once a backup has been made it may be necessary to alter the colour, tone, contrast etc. to suit.
I suggest a small portion of the image is copied to a new file for testing the effects, then once happy to apply the effects/filters to the whole image. This can save much time as some filters are slow to work on large images.

The original items are no longer within copyright but my version is copyrighted and re-selling rights in Digital Form are not offered. These images can be used and re-sold in printed form, such as on book covers, or as illustrations etc. They can also be used in film and TV productions.

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